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Trusted by Australia’s leading brands the Popup Media Wall is modern in design, highest of quality, portable, and affordable. The seamless technology of our fabrics allow for the graphics to be printed at high resolution which show smoothly and fluently. Our media walls are multi-purpose and are designed for event backdrops, business conferences / meetings, exhibitions, product launches, photo walls, red carpets, weddings and birthday parties. Get in touch and let us know about your event today!

Media Walls Melbourne

Popup Media - Media Walls Melbourne & Media Walls Perth

Media walls, backdrops, logo walls, banners, and other portable display types are very commonly used in certain marketing events. Exhibitions, trade shows, product launches are common places to find them where they are used as a means of catching people's eye, spreading brand awareness and even sending a message the owner wishes to send. But that is not the only role media walls Melbourne can play. Here is a look at where else you might get excellent use out of your display materials, and why you should be using Pop Media for all your display needs!

Use media walls at career fairs

Media walls Perth and in other places throughout Australia can be used to help recruit at career fairs. Our top quality design and fabrics will stand out attracting the best of the best. What is great about our products in this case especially though is how light, small and portable they pack down, and easy they are to put up. This makes them ideal for transporting and moving around to different events. Popup media displays are top in the industry for making a big impression without being big and bulky.

Use one of our portable displays for some marketing at local shopping centers

Another popular option, if your business is in retail, is to take advantage of the people heading out to your local shopping centers. You can rent a space with a table and set up your media wall or backdrop. With the detail in the logo and high-quality work our team consistently produces you will be attracting attention and spreading brand awareness in no time.

Use them behind you in TV and magazine advertising opportunities

Should part of your marketing campaign involve local television advertising and magazine spreads, you could use your Popup Media display and media wall as a backdrop in front of which the people stand, or the action takes place.

Great for corporate parties and sales meetings

Even when a company is hosting an event or party this is still an excellent opportunity to use a trade show display and media walls Melbourne or anywhere. A portable display, a media wall to take pictures of the attendees in front of, banners and so on are all a great way to inspire confidence in your customers, workers, and investors!

Popup Media is your display and media wall solution!

There are many ways you can re-use a backdrop or trade show display so you are taking full advantage of it. Our displays are perfect for that and because our fabrics, colors, and materials are all the best types, they stay looking as professional as the first time you used them. Let us help you think outside the box, we offer free image work if you do not have any, we guarantee to meet prices of our competition and if you decide re-using media walls Perth is not for you we even hire out displays. Our team looks forward to discussing your needs.