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Trusted by Australia’s leading brands the Popup Media Wall is modern in design, highest of quality, portable, and affordable. The seamless technology of our fabrics allow for the graphics to be printed at high resolution which show smoothly and fluently. Our media walls are multi-purpose and are designed for event backdrops, business conferences / meetings, exhibitions, product launches, photo walls, red carpets, weddings and birthday parties. Get in touch and let us know about your event today!

Small Details Big Impact for Your Next Event


Popup Media Walls Sydney Blog. Read more about benefits of our event backdrops, reasons why you’d need a media wall at your conference, gala dinner, fundraising or product launch event and tips on events industry and event planning.


Small Details Big Impact for Your Next Event

Milos Krstic

Regardless of the size of your next event, getting the small details right will go a long way towards making a big impact with your guests, partners and sponsors. You need to invest a lot of time and effort in organising the main planks of your event such as catering and location, it’s easy to miss the small things that can make or break your event. 

Here are a few small details that can make your event run smoothly and leave a lasting positive impression.

Look after your presenters

Make sure all the sound equipment is in good working order prior to the even starting (check cordless microphone batteries and have an emergency set of batteries on hand). Ensure that all presenters can present their presentations without difficulty by making Mac adapters available. Consider using what is known as a confidence monitor – a small monitor that sits in front of the presenter showing them where there slide presentation is up to. Work with all your presenters to make all presentation material available on a resources page to allow you to follow up with attendees later

Name Badges

Here’s a small detail that can create big problems if overlooked. Arrange for all attendee’s name badges to be printed in alphabetical order. Keep some blank badges for the people who inevitably lose theirs or arrive unexpectedly.

Keep your attendees comfort front of mind

Small things matter. Attendees will remember the event that ran smoothly and without a hitch. You can stack the odds in your favour by ensuring that you have a supply of printed agendas, ample event signage directing attendees to all event places and you give attendees coming from out of town adequate accommodation and travel information. It also pays to keep a ready supply of paper, pens, scissors and tape handy if the need arises to make some on the go emergency signage.

Get your staff numbers right

Ensure that you have enough staff to cope with all contingencies.  

Make the Most of Your Registration Process

Make event registration a two way process – sure it helps you get vital attendee information, but it represents a great opportunity to get important details to the attendees. Providing information like payment methods accepted at the event, any  age restrictions (21+ for example), or required dress codes is a great way to make sure that your guests are fully informed prior to attendance.

Get a Fresh Pair of Eyes 

Sometimes it is possible to get too close to your event. Ask a colleague to review your plan and see if you’ve missed anything.

Maximise your Media Wall Impact

Put some thought into the message and impact that you want your media wall to have.  

Will it carry sponsor’s messaging, have a corporate feel or be focused on branding? Make sure that the messaging is clear, consistent and on target. As media walls come in different sizes, be sure to choose the right size to suit your event.

Be Prepared for the Unexpected

If something can go wrong it probably will. Make sure that you have a back up plan if things go awry.  

Good luck with your next event and be sure to cover the small things and make it really memorable.