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10 reasons your event needs a media wall


Popup Media Walls Sydney Blog. Read more about benefits of our event backdrops, reasons why you’d need a media wall at your conference, gala dinner, fundraising or product launch event and tips on events industry and event planning.


10 reasons your event needs a media wall

Milos Krstic

A media wall is a cost effective way to publicise your big event and treat your guests to a red carpet experience. No matter what kind of major event you are planning, here are 10 reasons to consider a media wall backdrop in Sydney. 


1. Highlight the Sponsors of the Event on your Media Wall

Big events tend to have large budgets, which is why so many event organisers turn to sponsors. When companies give money or resources to help make your big event happen, a media wall event backdrop is a great way to give them recognition for their efforts. By placing their logo on the media wall where lots of pictures are going to be taken, you are giving them a big marketing reach! 

2. Get Exposure For a New Brand with an Event Backdrop

If your event is in honour of a new brand or product, consider using a Popup Media Wall to feature the brand’s logo or some information about the brand. You can put on the coolest event and sway new customers to your brand, but the message only goes as far as the people who attend. By placing new brand information on a media wall photo backdrop, you’re expanding your reach to a larger audience (everyone who sees the pictures of your event). 

3. Recognise a Charitable Cause with your Media Wall

When your big event honours a charitable cause or brings awareness to an issue, your media wall can spread the event’s message to everyone who sees the images of your events. Put logo or awareness information on the media wall event backdrop so that every image taken connects with your cause. 

4. Offer a Red Carpet Experience Using an Event Backdrop

When most people think of a media wall, they picture a fancy red carpet event filled with celebrities. Bring that same vibe to your event with a media wall entrance. Your guests will feel like they’re at a swanky party from the moment they arrive. 

5. Connect Celebrities to your event with a Photography Backdrop

Whether intentionally or not, celebrities who attend major events or galas help to bring publicity and awareness to the event. People want to take more pictures of celebrities, which makes the media wall an important part of any big event with a well-known guest list. All of the pictures taken in front of the media wall will feature your logo, brand, sponsor information, or non-profit organisation. This connects those celebrities (and their fan base) to your event. 

6. Media Walls are subtle, not-pushy advertising

Media walls are unobtrusive but still offer strong marketing messages with a wide reach. Although guests expect to see some marketing at a branded event, media walls help you get your message across without being aggressive about it. 

7. A Media Wall controls the traffic into the event

A well placed media wall can serve as the entrance to your big event, where photographers gather on one side and attendees pass through to be photographed before entering. This can control chaos and help make sure everyone gets great pictures. 

8. Enhance the theme of the event with a Photo Backdrop

Your media wall could also help you enhance the theme of your event, such as a clever scene to take pictures next to or props that make your theme come alive. 

9. A Media Wall invites more pictures

Nothing screams, “take a picture right now!” like a media wall event backdrop. Events that feature media walls encourage people to take pictures and make it easy for photographers to capture well-lit images of all your event’s guests. The more pictures your guests and photographers take, the more opportunities you have for marketing the event and publicising it after the fact. 

10. Event Backdrops bring exposure on Social Media

What will people do with all the photos that get taken at your event? Likely post them to social media before doing anything else. Installing a media wall event backdrop encourages people to take more pictures in a way that’s very friendly for social media posting. This instant form of marketing spreads the word about what’s going on at your big event and, best of all, is completely free to you. Think about how you can make your media wall more social media friendly by adding props or a clever background for your guests.