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Trusted by Australia’s leading brands the Popup Media Wall is modern in design, highest of quality, portable, and affordable. The seamless technology of our fabrics allow for the graphics to be printed at high resolution which show smoothly and fluently. Our media walls are multi-purpose and are designed for event backdrops, business conferences / meetings, exhibitions, product launches, photo walls, red carpets, weddings and birthday parties. Get in touch and let us know about your event today!

Event Backdrops are the solution for all event types


Popup Media Walls Sydney Blog. Read more about benefits of our event backdrops, reasons why you’d need a media wall at your conference, gala dinner, fundraising or product launch event and tips on events industry and event planning.


Event Backdrops are the solution for all event types

Milos Krstic

If there is a one thing that you can count on to have a positive impact upon an event or function – it is to have a professional event backdrop or media wall. If you watch any press conference or event, you can count upon the host or speaker to be standing before a media wall / event backdrop.  

The backdrops look professional, add visual impact and give professional credibility to your event. Besides acting as a central photo magnet for events of all types, event backdrops, media walls, logo walls or expo backdrops can serve three specific functions.

These are - :

Sponsor promotion

Media walls act as a way to highlight sponsors who have helped to make your event a winning one. Event backdrops are a subtle way of showing your appreciation of them without becoming too pushy in the process. They are a great way of advertising your sponsors while seamlessly blending that promotion into the event itself. 


Whether you choose an exhibition backdrop or any variation of media wall, it’s a great way to promote what your brand stands for. While some guests at your function are bound to know what you stand for, many guests and press will only have a basic idea at best. Event backdrops can help to build your brand messaging in an understated but effective way.

Specific product or event promotion

Placing a new product or an upcoming event front and center is easy when you strategically use an event backdrop to highlight the product. This is closely linked to branding but is more focused on a specific line item. 

The great thing about event backdrops is that they can be used to generate buzz about products, brands and future events. Encouraging photos of guests in front of the backdrop is a great way to ensure free publicity via traditional and social media channels while subtly promoting your core message.

It is, therefore, really important to have a clear idea about the message that you want to convey prior to committing to the look of your presentation.

Red carpet events, industry conventions, charitable events and promotions all offer you the opportunity to get a clear coherent message out to your target market.  Consistent clear messaging via event backdrops or media walls will help you to optimise those opportunities and put your message front of mind for your audience.